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Hey! I'm Torrie Meidell, the founder of Torrie Lynn Photography (obviously). It was actually blogging that got me into photography, and I never would have dreamed that someday I'd be doing this for other people! Because of my blogging origins, I definitely favor more of a "lifestyle" or "documentary" aesthetic, but over the years, I've also picked up tricks to help me achieve more traditional styles of posing and shooting, as well.

Overall, my goal in any photo shoot is to capture relationships and people at both their "photo best" (traditional posed) AND at their most natural and relaxed. I almost always do a blend of traditional posed shots with true candids, and it's often in the unposed shots that I feel like I produce my best work!

I currently live in Cache Valley, Utah with my husband and two children (who are my constant photography guinea pigs, as well as my favorite muses).

To get into contact with me about booking a shoot or with any other questions you might have, you can email me at torrief@gmail.com, find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/torrielynnphotography, or DM me on Instagram @torrielynnphotography.